When I have an idea for a story thing, an element that just feels phenomenal that feels brilliant, trippy, resonant, potent… I can quick document and then add to the library, as a post on this deep development resource. Then what happens? Does everything get integrated. What feels inspired, meaning what immediately fits into what is already cooking. Emphasizes, adds nuance or zing to what is already there. I think that’s what I mean by inspired. Like it was always meant to be there but just too much detail when the core idea initially showed up.

A side topic. Imagine core ideas showing up with all this attached wondrous detail and depth, but at first we get just enough to get the idea rolling. As if the movie were a giant peaky icescape mostly submerged and there’s just the highest peak of the icescape above water, so I row over and the water receeds and then another peak emerges over here and then another over there. The water receeds further and turns out the first and second peak have the same base. All these peaks have a expressive commonality, togther they offer something more complex and delicious awareness than each peak alone. The water receeding might be my awareness opening, my own expansion, my willingness to see – be, do and have.

Because being ready for the big enchilada, that’s a process. Perhaps I should say, I like this process of not trying to swallow the whole enchilada in one bite, I like taking bites and chewing, swallowing and feeling the reception of my deeper vitals, the recharge, anticipating the next bite. Why should the movie all show up at once?

So what I started out to write was whether ALL these details should be integrated. Do they support the meta, and what is the meta? What are the themes, what do I want people to walk away with. In effect, I don’t know! I kind of care, but I also get that the movie makes itself. I’m not an instrument of dead people, we are collaborators. But there’s dead people involved, they want to help. For me, it’s got to be intriguing, there’s got to be lots of creation, breakthroughs, hilarity. Yes the competence feels good, knowing how to do something well, I like that. Ideas and energetics are the thing, what the art makes me feel, how I imagine the deployment will resonate with others.

That’s all this is, awareness and feelings and awakening. That’s what I’m playing with, cultivating, exploring and expanding.

The answer to my question of meta vs nuance is whatever nuance feels especially yummy and integral, if it’s just frills and lace perhaps it’s not critical to the current iteration or even the final iteration. So that’s how to know.