Back to Christina as a Cathar devotee, cathartic. What other She pops bubbles and stuff in the cabin changes. She changes. Different women, body types, ages wearing the dress. EMK wearing the dress. Children. She is both choosing and touring possibilities. The images balloon out and pop. What other props do I have besides the dress? Joe doll established, what else came back from the boat? I thought I kept Gerry’s plates. Is there in fact a box of props hiding somewhere? Anna and Steve Redlings ceramic figurines flipping from one to another, maybe that’s how she learned to do this – as a kid. Maybe the bonging of the balls is how she learned as a kid. Swapping in and out of objects in a fixed mileau, like the little assortment of toys. She got new toys by bonging them into existence. This goes back to devolution too.

Melonie has three props – the motorcycle seat, baby Veronique and Big Box.

How does Uncle Joe give the gift of movement to the Boxes? Does he give a bicycle wheel? His shoes? He walks barefoot to the motorcycle? Does he pour sparkles from his boots unto The Box? What is an icon of movement?

I2 is a sketching in of all the components to complete the story. I3 is a filling in of detail and polish. If there’s an I4, it’s polish and uprez. All we need for I2 is to tell most of the story. Even just getting the models in, sans mediatronics. Breakdown follows.


  • major story components (revised script synopsis with short exposition)
  • existing effects cleaned
  • mediatronics rough
  • future effects suggested
  • wipe out all placeholders?
  • limited test screenings


  • fleshed out story components, all elements wired up and functional, inter-relating
  • details and trickiness, prop CU, zapping of distracting detail in significant shots, full mediatronics
  • sound mix, golly gosh
  • fine color correction
  • DCP
  • theatrical test screenings


  • incorporating feedback
  • uprez
  • DCP