The main idea here is fun. Now that you're at your most curious and open, here's a theme song injection so you'll get a little thrill at the start of every episode.. once you get addicted to this series. Surprise, you're watching a Netflix serial pastiche. The theme song is slightly ironic. Also confusing. As we're currently in the golden age of television, the theme song is a nod to that, I think. Plus growing up as a TV kid. Of course my first feature is going to have a theme song. How much better everyone's life would be if they all had their own sweet, custom theme song that would play when they woke up in the morning? Way better.

The point of this is a bit of mirror action, I think this is something subtle. The idea of a theme song in the middle of a movie, a pseudo-musical. Hang on, let's see how much humor there is in the prelude, be right back.

Strictly speaking, you can take the most of the Prelude at face value, unless we go over the top with the TUSK phone. The ads are mostly incomprehensible, dark humor. Subtle dark humor - not quite sure if it's supposed to be funny, maybe feels a little uncomfortable. That was some fucked up horror show offered in the Prelude. The Carnage Theme Park. Was that funny?

The theme song could be a cleanse of the palette. Hang on there folks, we're just here to have fun. It's just a story after all. Look, here's a cajun bayou type theme song, because maybe there's a whole lot more Bayou, what with those flooded coastlines. Good times!

Here's a summary.

  1. Dan wanted a theme song pretty soon after the inception of this movie. He had one lying around 🙂 That's just how he is.
  2. We can go way more dark and fucked up in the Prelude if we ease through with a theme song, signalling that we can have fun no matter what. Plus they are just toys. (Wait - dead toys) Oops! That's kind of even more horrific than dead humans... but not as awful as dead human children. Somewhere between. Again, signalling. We're on the middle path, the way of the neutral angels. This is the sort of symbology Joe C would dig. So the theme song establishes context. Yes, this is going to be fun movie and look!
  3. there are attractive people who you hope will get together. After some trouble and disappointment first, of course. Cause it's a romantic comedy.
  4. Music should just muscle on into any situation possible, music should be always ready to ambush us, take over our moments. Music tracks you down and makes a theme song for you and every morning you're excited to get up cause you're theme song is playing

The bottom line is... it's a mystery. I just feel this theme song is important without being able to fully articulate why. Maybe I'll figure out why later. I love how much writing I did to try and sort his out!