Read new rest of the story

Give Melonie more backstory, the boxes and DOG twins

Bring Steve Zilliax back

Talking about Richard

Jil, Bri, Tim and Barbie, Steve Elrick...

Crew - Melonie, Bri, Heather Aldridge, Matt, Luke, Nicole Enger

Rehearsals - prepare the performers, get them into the role, that's what actors and directors do

National Geographic for Rich?

Bring themselves to it

Melonie - rehearse in all kinds of different ways and situations. rehearse with different emotional perspectives

Makes her tear up

Melonie - eastern european accent, good or bad

heat packets

Maya James (no phone) Rufus Snoddie's daughter

Blake (no follow through)

my mom

Seth Barnard (no way)


Mel talking about "Time"

Jacob - picking his poem

letting people pick their own is the cosmos

blankets ordered... not going to be here

motorcycle fur

use as poncho

lots of poncho costumes

regular clothes underneath

south american poncho + sith

calling on blankets, nothing has shipped

checking local big box stores for wool blankets

sign in sheet for costumes and props

checking online for other suppliers

burned boxes

cueing the performers

toga cloaky thing is the most functional bit of clothing for whatever you are doing, inside pockets, all purpose things, wool can get totally wet stills on pinterest - costumes, prop, miniatures, deviantart

clean house

shifting peoples thoughts about me and the house

vinegar the sinks, vacuum, mop


prop list


always ask melonie if you need something

prop inventory on the web

mel's jobs


extension cords


sawmill bill

metal plate to catch nails

suz cater

create a facebook event

food and drinks

keep people warm and happy

bri contracts, checks, releases

contact sheet

never going to do the boat scenario again

heather has a walkie

craft services

handing off responsibilities competently

toilet - outhouse and inside

toilet up on farm

airstream clean

rosie ready

no medical

each person steps into the stage

midshot shows them stepping in and the surrounding people