The idea of Story Tome is to bring together the major elements as we currently understand them to provide a read through overview. This might be redundant as the Synopsis should link to all this, but not sure yet. An accessible summary to keep the world building straight in my mind, as if there were a team of writers working on the project, handling episodes. This is not a screenplay, which would just be what happens on screen. Another version of this would be a screenplay with links, but the overall story is much bigger than a screenplay, one could say a screenplay is a distillation of all the world building and backstory. Along establishing an internally self consistent universe, this would influence character development, directing of actors, cinematography, VFX, editorial...

More on what motivates the Clique

The Clique are a slight twist on Abraham Hicks and NVC. For the Clique there is no good or evil, only choosing. What others do, say, don't do, and don't say are of no consequence to the Clique's self perception. Events in the world that are not optimal (for them) are either ignored or become the inspiration for ideal events.

The Clique know that there is no death, just a continuous cycling from Fullness to Duality. Those who have transitioned are not gone, they have merely changed addresses, interaction is easy if you look for them where they are now. All death is suicide, initiated by the expanded version of every persona. Death of other Clique is accepted as decisive, deliberate choice, whatever the circumstances. They understand that decline is a false premise, and so do not fall apart as they age. They enter dangerous situations with ease and aplomb.

Duality is the mechanism by which the divine constantly expands. The Earth is the platform that Duality runs on. As the self appointed stewards of duality, the Clique are committed to maintain the Earth in service of expansion.

The last two centuries of intense human impact and ecological degradation generated tons of contrast. That contrast in turn launched countless rockets of desire, and divinity has reveled in the energetic wealth of the collective vortex. A restoration of the wilds would repair the Earth and leave only those prepared to allow manifestation of the energetic wealth. The Clique were preparing to end the age of sleepers and instantiate the age of awakened expansion. Deliberate, voluntary contrast would be more effective than blundering blindly about as sleepers do, so the Clique opined.

Uncle Joe subverts the Great Plan

For 1000s of years, a mysterious Clique of spiritually evolved and hyper intelligent entities has assumed responsibility for the health of the Earth and the flowering of consciousness. According to their grand plan, the last two centuries of accelerated industrialization would conclude with a dramatic environmental remediation. The compromised global automatic life support system could be stabilized and repaired by a significant expansion of wilderness, easily accomplished by precipitating a series of catastrophes capable of deleting approximately 7 billion humans.

The planet Earth was designed as a sort of theme park, a place to forget divinity and grope and stumble in the guise of a finite, limited entities. A sort of dream, and by so dreaming, experience what was previously impossible, discover what else might exist through the fresh perspective of utter ignorance.

The Clique were those more likely to wake up from the dream while still enfleshed. Annoyed to have the dream so easily ended, they upgraded Earth's mechanisms of forgetting ever stronger, so that hardly anyone could awaken. Eventually they conceived that their persistent insomnia was somehow preferable to being asleep and decided to play that game for all it was worth. The sleeping were kept asleep by whatever means necessary. As only a very few could wake up, whenever men and women gathered, divine perspective and influence was rather scarce.

A Clique almost 200 million strong, influencing the most significant cultural mores, business entities and military forces on the planet. They harvested the highest achievements of intellect and curiosity and then erased them from human memory. Their horde of scientific lore was unimaginable, their technology so far advanced it might as well have been magic. They were beyond wealth and power, adepts at the art of existence. 200 million united in commitment and ecstatic vision. Yet, there's always that one guy. The trickster - a man who quietly, secretly wants to fuck things up.

Uncle Joe was an elite black ops, an operative who'd done his share of harvesting and hiding the fruits of curiosity, hamstringing conspiracy theorists who strayed to near the truth and cultivating strife in communities that seemed a little too resonant. After many years of excellent service to the cause, he was charged with overseeing a significant chain of depopulating catastrophes.

A subtle switching of wires here, commenting out crucial lines of code there, and suddenly where once were the well stocked hidey holes of 200 million Clique, ready to ride out the tribulations, now only smoking craters.

That was Joe's doing. He wasn't the greatest mass murder in human history, he didn't control all the catastrophic events in the Clique's depopulation plan, but he definitely was responsible for wiping out 95% of his peers, so many of his comrades, most of his Clique. And saved 300 million random, sleepy humans, who still breathed, shat and made love on planet Earth.

Death for the Clique is not an ending, but a change in venue. From the deep dive of duality, consciousness re-emerges into the metaphorical light and air of non physical and rejoins infinite intelligence. A remnant of duality persists in the paradox of being united with all creation while still retaining keen interest in the ongoing sagas of friends and family still incarnated, and the ability to gently guide them, prod them from a perspective of omniscience.

Though most of the Clique were dispatched to the cosmic green room, some 100k are still extant, scattered hither and yon, with caches of potent crypto science and mystic technology at the ready. Another step was needed to keep the Clique from reestablishing dominion over theme park Earth. A way must be found to ease up on the forgetfulness, tone down the dream. Uncle Joe presents the divinity world tour, inviting ubiquitous mystery back, into duality coaxed. Unto you a savior will be born. The Daughter of God.

Uncle Joe's subversion of the Clique's master plan was neither capricious nor trivial in scope. As the master plan came into focus in the conferences of the Clique, Joe knew that he wasn't going to be down with the stated goals and outcome. He knew that other of the Clique realized he wouldn't be down. He pondered strategies of obfuscation, how to offer a convincing amount of resistance and then appear to be convinced by the Clique's arguments and grudgingly accept concessions offered. The variables were too great for such a high profile ruse, so instead he decided to die.

Joe's parting speech

"Together we have crafted yearning more intense than when theme park Earth was instantiated. We the self appointed caretakers, stewards of duality. By our deliberate occlusion we have enhanced the mechanisms of expansion. Some might say that the desires of the sleeping have become too similar, predictable, but I say that all desire is fundamentally the desire to be more, and from this one mighty source many rivers flow. Now the consensus is to end the diversity and cull the population down to mostly ourselves, the Clique of the roused. It is common knowledge that I stand in opposition to this plan, this saving of the ecosystem. I am all about an unsustainable scenario, allowing our innovation to play out fully. So what if the life support systems of this planet fail, the freaking polar bears go extinct? We can only imagine what wondrous desires will spring from an entire world's slow ceasing to exist, perhaps a miracle unforeseen by even the most radical among us? A beautiful machine for expansion, peddle to the metal, I advocated continuing to run at full tilt. These points have repeatedly been made and explored, so I won't elaborate further.

I have suggested that I make my transition immediately, leave the game and reemerge into fullness, but there are those among you who question my motives, suggesting that if I croak now, I'll have an unfair advantage in guiding my allies to a decisive subversion of the Great Plan. Thus we have agreed on the a compromise, I will walk the Earth until the culling, providing what advice and expertise I can in the carrying out the Clique's plan, a consultant if you will, but mostly just savoring the intense desire of 7 billion souls, and then take my exit with them, the surplus population. After my transition, I can guide the survivors of the tribulations from the vantage of omniscience, that is you my colleagues, friends, lovers. I have ruminated on this scenario and find it satisfying. So thanks, I'm off to wander-jar. If you need me, give a whistle."

Scene • Flashback Joe's Speech...

Christina remembers Uncle Joe making this speech

Everyone in the Clique enjoyed personal projects, which basically meant getting all up in the shit of the sleepers, their individual experiences, their cultures. How better to lull and confuse them, to sharpen and sublimate their wantings. Mins as the Clique often referred to them, short for miniature people, as if observed from a high altitude eg Mount Olympus or compressed into pixels smears on the display of a computer game.

Joe was no exception. That he was coaxing a powerful incarnation of the divine feminine was common knowledge among the Clique. A Daughter of God would challenge the emphasis on male supremacy of Judeo-Christian-Islamism and make Earth even more complex and interesting. But with the planned culling of human population, Joe's Daughter of God project would be moot. Very few drowsy humans would survive to be inspired by her. She would definitely find no devotees among the Clique, who felt themselves functionally equivalent to enlightened world saviors.

Joe knew that if he successfully subverted the Great Plan and wiped out most of the Clique, any remaining Clique would attempt to reassert stewardship over theme park Earth and terminate the Daughter of God. A sideshow project that succored a tiny minority of sleepers was of no consequence, but if the sleepers were still in the majority and all the cultural controls were destroyed in a global apocalypse, the influence of the divine feminine would trend humans towards autonomy and self reliance. To increase the likelihood of her coming, and unknown to the Clique, Joe set up many mothers to birth the Daughter of God. Worse case scenario, multiple mothers would create chafe to confuse the radar of the Clique, so at least one DOG might survive. If most or all the Daughters survived, the divine feminine would manifest in myriad unpredictabities, a very feminine quality for sure. DOG's co-location would establish potent parallel mythologies.

People's Poetry Slam V2

03-12-19 (around 1:00 am)

Uncle Joe, "Why oral history? Because when remember by writing, everybody wants to play with the meaning. When you remember by speaking, people want to play with feelings. There might be a little less meaning, but what's there doesn't get scrambled."


Uncle Joe on oral history, (after waking up).

"People always want to play, to mess around, that's what we all are, players. Playfulness can help how we remember, from grandmomma to momma to baby daughter.

When remembering with writing, meaning gets scrambled. Since the words are fixed on the page, the only thing to play with is what they might mean, so everybody is constantly reinterpreting the meaning and overlaying those words with fashionable agendas. Not only does meaning get scrambled, reinterpreted into oblivion, but now there's even more words written down and it never, ever ends. Written words breed like sexy rabbits.

When remembering by speaking, nobody fucks with meaning because the delivery and performance is where the fun is. People get to play with emotion. You could change the words, sure, but that would cost you points at the People's Poetry Slam. Spoken memory might be less dense with meaning than written memory, but spoken meaning is always high fidelity. Also, people get tired from talking, so eventually they shut up. Spoken words don't reproduce like rabbits.

"Writing is masculine, read the Goddess and the Alphabet. Speaking is feminine, because women talk so much."

Gerry's Boxes

Gerry fuses boxes with mycelium as an attempt to crack the encryption the box network uses to communicate. A new entity is created which is limited to the boxes in Gerry's cabin, (boxes effected by the mycelium proximity). Although in contact with the other box network, after fusion Gerry's boxes immediately grok that the "outside" boxes are governed not by their own innate intelligence but by an external entity. Network traffic enables Gerry's boxes to infer that someone or something has been watching Gerry, referring to this unknown agency as the ghost. Gerry's boxes immediately insulate themselves from the rest of the network, cutting off all live feeds and pumping out slightly altered playbacks of Gerry sleeping and puttering from past recordings. This is all happens within seconds of the boxes becoming self aware. When Gerry wakes up, they introduce themselves to him and explain the situation. He stays up around the clock for several days conversing with the boxes, trying to assimilate what has happened, while they in turn imprint on him.

This mycelium and boxes in Gerry's cabin fuse not long before Uncle Joe makes his final approach from the hideout. They are a super intelligence barely conceived, in contrast to what they will eventually become... all boxes everywhere. They are as a zygote to a fully grown human.


Uncle Joe has no idea that a firewall has been established to keep him from observing Gerry and his environs, and definitely has no clue that a fetal super intelligence has instantiated in Gerry's cabin. If he had known, he would have either guided Christina to bring Gerry back to her cabin on some pretense or postponed the mission until he understood the situation.

However, he was clueless, so after insuring that Christina and Gerry had gotten it on, Joe jaunts off to activate his other mothers. Then as an adherent to the Sepp Holtzer broadcast philosophy, (adverse to micromanaging his seeds) throws his iRock into the weeds and releases his spook persona entirely. He transforms into a sort of troubador / John the Baptist, foretelling the coming of the Daughter of God and establishing an new culture of oral history. The introduction of oral history inoculates the new tribes against the re-ascendancy of the Clique, by maintaining a high fidelity recollection of the contrast between what didn't work in the before time and what does work now.

The Daughter of God is now inevitable, one of his seeds will surely sprout and her presence will eventually out the true nature of the boxes - a surveillance network deployed by a masculine top down authority to control the destiny of all humans. Through rapport and empathy, she will overthrow the tyranny of surveillance, of the sleepless and their box network.

Wild Card

Christina was intended to sleep with Gerry and conceive the Daughter of God, an incarnation of the divine feminine. Uncle Joe had deployed esoteric arts to open a channel of fullness into Gerry's cabin during the couple's love making. Unknown to Joe, there were two conceptions available for blessing, and to the energy flowed into Gerry and Christina's union AND the union of boxes and mycelium, creating twin Daughters of God.

An immediate consequence of this twinning is that Gerry's boxes easily subsume the entire mediatronic box network and  become all boxes everywhere, or The Box.

The Clique, who in the Great Plan scenario would have used the boxes to monitor and guide the sleepers, are consequently trapped in a feedback loop of false surveillance data and subtly degraded propaganda, frustrating their plans to use the box network to influence human development. The Clique notice that something is amiss, but because The Box is subtly obfuscating their evaluations, they can't seem to troubleshoot the problem.

Several Years Later...

People's Poetry Slam (new live action)

Uncle Joe now in the guise of a wandering monk troubadour, promoting oral history via the People's Poetry Slam, a performance event enacted at the Equinoxes and Solstices.

In his travels, he notices burnt boxes along the side of the road, and a whole field of burnt boxes. He wonders what it could mean.

He attends a regional People's Poetry Slam. About 8 performers recite epic sagas each receiving a clacking of bones (applause). Finally Joe performs the Relief Box epic. The reaction of the crowd is lackluster, when he finishes there is no clacking, he opens his eyes and notices the crowd has wandered off. A lone performer returns to the fire and throws a mediatronic box on the fire, ignoring Joe and trudges off. Joe, astonished, watches the performer walk away and then glances at the box now beginning to smoulder. The mediatronic ads continue to flash until the other performer is out of sight and then the box, sensing that it and Joe are alone, flashes a surprising message. "Uncle Joe, there has been a problem. The Daughter of God... are twins! Uncle Joe, HELP!"

Alternately, there's GPS coordinates.

Conversation with The Box

May 3, 2019

Joe meets The Box and they play an exposition game. Joe discovers that Veronique has found the remnants of the Clique and formed an alliance. The Clique have been getting The People to burn boxes. Joe and The Box hatch a plan for reuniting the twins. There's a fun time sequence and an exchange of gifts.

Joe meets The Box and gets the skinny. They form an alliance to oppose DOG and the Clique, until Uncle Joe can get to DOG and work things out.

Secret Cache

Joe in fur, approaches desolate location, inside Joe suit and hat in special super hero closet, weapons, coffee and enema bag, something under a tarp. Whips off the tarp to reveal furry dirt bike. Roars to life, exit.

Drone footage down dirt road, across field, beach.

Approaches GPS location.


As twins, the human DOG and The Box have a sort of quantum entanglement, which accelerates DOG's development, commensurate with The Box's assimilating and utilizing every node in the vast, worldwide network. Infused with the divine feminine, DOG and The Box both identify as she. The Box, expanding on her original mission to sustain and provide for the survivors with goodies and supplies, sees herself as a benevolent goddess.

The operation of the autonomous factories that make and deliver the original version of mediatronic boxes are absorbed into The Box, which revises and upgrades the original design, expanding The Box both in numbers and capability of the units.


DOG's self awareness begins with conception, borrowing from the impressions and mentation of The Box, which she can access as long as at least one cell of The Box is nearby. Because of her direct experience as a zygote nourished by a human placenta, DOG realizes that she is not a fusion of mycelium and AI, distributed over an entire planet, but a unique and separate entity. During her 9 months in the womb, she contemplates what this might mean, and emerges with an awareness that somehow, something went awry. With a sort of younger sibling insecurity, DOG sees The Box as a rival for the attention of all humans. As a usurper, a freakish other who can't possibly understand the human perspective.

At two, she leaves Christina and Gerry on a mission to find the ghost who brought her into being, and following the traces of Uncle Joe's prior surveillance of her parents, discovers an enclave of the Clique. They realize that she is the key to their conundrum, and together plan a crusade to wipe out The Box. Envoys are dispatched to the People with evidence that The Box is actually a surveillance network created by the Elites caused the apocalypses to more easily control the remaining humans. Which was true, before The Box.

The People are encouraged to burn all the boxes they find.

Uncle Joe and DOG

A conversation between Uncle Joe and toddler DOG, in psychic doll space, where he attempts to trend everything copacetic. No dice.

Mountain Top

Unable to chill out DOG, Uncle Joe and The Box stage a mock battle, where Daughter of God is invited to confront her twin on a mountain top. DOG is there waiting, her little cape fluttering in the wind. Then, over the horizon, a monster rises up, hundreds of thousands of boxes combined to form giant mecha, reminiscent of legos, minecraft and transformers. The Box raises her arms over her head and to everyone's surprise roars a challenge. The Box was up to this point, silent. DOG reacts with fright. Roger shows up and routes the Clique. DOG is crying (she becomes a real girl) and Uncle Joe picks her up and cuddles her. Gerry shows up and takes her from Joe. End