Feature Film Production in Benzie County

Welcome to 2019 production for the Daughter of God, (dog.movie) the People's Poetry Slam scene. This is a professional movie shoot, followed by a gathering of supportive friends. You are invited either to be an extra or join the cast and crew for a late evening afterglow potluck, at 10 pm. If you'd like to be an extra, you must read the following carefully.

This is a professional movie shoot - the actors and crew are paid and insured. Locally produced feature films are not common - this is a unique opportunity to observe the process, support your cinematic / artistic friends and get your name in the credits of a movie. Coordinating all the elements for a successful production is difficult, so being involved requires commitment, dedication and focus.

Assistant Director Melonie suggested this alternate phrasing... You may know Dan Kelly as that happy go lucky guy, but when directing he can be quite intense, (kind of a dick). That's a side few ever see, except everyone who's ever dated him. So if you're interested in being an extra, loose all preconceptions and be sure to bring your A game.

Seeking Extras (people in the crowd)

The People's Poetry Slam scene is a tribal gathering and performance of epic post apocalyptic poetry around a bonfire. We are looking for people to be in the crowd, or "extras". Extras must be on location from 6 pm - 10 pm, prepared to sign a release and follow the direction of the house manager and film crew. Kids are welcome if accompanied by a legal guardian and mature enough to understand and follow directions.

If you'd like to be an extra, please email actors@dog.movie or text (231) 882-0460 with your full name and phone number to confirm your availability. Please be absolutely certain you can meet the above requirements.

Extras are not paid, but there will be food, warmth, movie credits and after 10 pm, a party.

Weather and location

We will be watching the weather closely. Only the most adverse conditions will change the plan. We will let you know a day in advance if the shoot is canceled. Our alternate date will be the following Friday, April 5.

We have two locations in mind, on Crystal Lake in front of the Artist house (only if the ice is absolutely safe) or if not, a farm field nearby.


Extras will be provided with wool blankets or heavy wool coats in subdued colors to cover their contemporary clothes. No synthetic jackets, fleece, etc.  If you have wool blankets, heavy wool coats OR something unusual and potentially appropriate, please contact Melonie to discuss, 231-325-0099 (land line, not textable).

The Actors

There will be between 8-10 Poetry Performers. They are likely friends of yours, however during the production please refrain from talking to them as they will be concentrating on remembering their lines and staying in character.


There will be a party after 10 pm to 12 am or so. If you are not an extra, please do not arrive before 10 pm. Parking might be awkward, depending on where the production is located. We may have a sauna active, if that's your thing bring a towel. A vegetarian dish to pass is always appreciated.