Going to I2 is an experience, not a thing. The experience is the thing. I have a strong desire for accomplishment and progress towards completion, to see things getting done. But the rub is, if I can't see what has been, IS being accomplished, I won't be able to have an experience of progress and accomplishment. Workflow is the quality of experience we seek to cultivate. How does being an artist feel?


    1. consistent, deliberate progress daily

      1. clear accomplishments stacking
      2. wildly fun
        1. presence - attend to unfolding experience
        2. choose joy
        3. appreciation
          1. how cool is ( _____ )?
          2. reveling in who I am now
          3. notice what's already amazing
        4. attention - emptiness or uplifting
      3. efficient, competent
        1. organized
        2. the right tools
        3. we have everything we need
        4. there is abundant encouragement and help
      4. focused
        1. what's this about, right now?
        2. path of least resistance
        3. practice ease and flow
      5. discover a way to amp up?
        1. implemented or documented
    2. a slim plan

      1. easily adapted and updated
      2. just enough to
        1. coordinate disparate parts
        2. optimize excitement
      3. encourages imagination
      4. feels so done
    3. an experience of being ready

      1. waking up to a new day
      2. in every moment
      3. feeling the project is in a constant state of readiness
        1. for fun
        2. to magnetize talent, collaborators and audience
        3. to attract excellence, epiphany, sychronicity, serendipity