In preparing a DOG screener for Festival de Cannes, I encountered a crisis - there's more story that wants telling. I'll be heading to Fedex in a few hours, so the whole story is not going to France today, but that's the point of "iterations" - every version is better. Iteration 1 is incomplete, there's nothing else to say. Also pretty rough, even with the last couple weeks of dedicated focus.

All this dedication has revealed that a reorganization of media is needed, (another iteration of organization). I've got to have full and rapid access to all the elements of the movie.

I am glad I entered Cannes, tho Iteration 1 is a total mess - barely hints at what the movie is going to be. I trust the French and the cosmos to sort this out, I'm clear about what to do next.

Identify the next Festivals

Reorganize the media and relink files.

Get back into production and fully flesh out the existing scenes

What is the rest of the story? Cast new talent and schedule shooting

And right now - drive to Fedex in Traverse City