We decided to go with hand built models for the tunnel, a380 passenger jet and perhaps the cruise ship. To that end, I've been thinking about forced perspective and how to integrate them to the existing footage.

Here is a statement from Michael Paul Smith about the level of detail that is rather enigmatic.

Also here find our references for weathering and aging. I propose to do black paint and mediatronic surfaces.

Make driven interview with Fonco's Fon Davis

I envision 3 steps to making the scale models work

1) assemble and paint matte or flat black - flat black with slight matte finish

knowledge, chops
time and space
glue, tools,
airbrush, compressor, paints

2) forced perspective photography

camera, outdoor stage, correctly angled sunlight

3) compositing and VFX

after effects corner pin mediatronicscolor correction and grain match

Is there a difference between imported MXF files and quicktime files created by FCP 7?