Uncle Joe
Suit Guys

Story and Themes

element – ads
color correction 2013/05/22/purple/
relief boxes
Relief Box Labels
streaming shortwave 2014/04/25/shortwave/
steam powered streamphones

Philosophy / Approach

VFX cosmology



1-3 Opening – An Ancient Monster

4-7 Uncle Joe’s Lair

8-9 Ejaculated into Physicality

11-22 exposition

11-13 Climate Change, Flooding

11 brick stream with school globe (close)
12 brick beach with submerged Wall Street sign (mid)
13 brick shoreline panorama with slanted Empire State and Chrysler Buildings  (wide)

14-16 Wicked Wildlife

14 GMO, friend or foe?
15 Hunting is Hard, The Back to Nature Critique (for Jeff Gibbs)
16 Return of the Saurians Cyborgs

17-18 Topsy Turvy Transportation

17 Airbus swimming
18 Cruise ship flying
* 19 Ancient Astronauts
* 19 Car Forest

19-20 Placeholders – Stronger Exposition

20 house

21 toilet


22 title


Big boat and main players

23 Gerry silhouette

24 Christina on Pier

25 Gerry silhouette full body with rigging

26 Christina walking on pier reverse, ship in background

27 Christina boarding and enter

28 Christina interior and hall

29 Christina turns corner

30 Christina approaches cabin

31-35 Christina in chair

32-34 Flashbacks


32 Flashback – Christina and Uncle Joe in Cabin (rapid montage, shots of boat exterior and interior, knick knacks, taoist objects, kids books – memories)
33 Flashback – Together in V-berth with book


34 Flashback – Uncle Joe reads PKD, mouth CU (keep mustache?)

31-35 Christina in chair

36-38 Christina gets up, approaches door

37 Flashback – Young Christina and Joe hands in hospital

36-38 Christina cracks the door to let Joe in

39 Christina opens door, camera toward Christina

40 Christina opens door to hall camera over Christina’s shoulder

72  laptop shows gerry

149-151 gerry and kitchen