April 22, 2014 5:38 PM

Why DOG? [1]

The making and completion of DOG is really Dan Kelly's decisive alignment with full self, an excuse for the universe to lavish him, demonstrate conclusively that magic is really real, make miracles on his behalf, and gently, delightfully rouse him into full presence on planet Earth, like a lingering wake up kiss from his favorite lover.

Definition of Done

DOG is screening at 1st tier festivals as a totally anomalous phenomena, having been completed with enough elaboration to at least hint at how much fun the future has become. It's quirky, innovative, funny and even a little powerful.

Best practices

Fun Always

Doing DOG is always for feeling free, for excitement and hilarity. All action is about having fun, simultaneously radiating and receiving  juicy, scrumptious energy. Smiling with my deep self at the cosmic control panel - super significant and totally engaged.

Focus on Amazing

Completion will happen of it's own accord, all we have to do is have a blast making cool shit, one chunk of cool shit at a time. What's this week's chunk? Today's? This hour? Eventually, easily, everything will wrap.

Trust love

Everything is as it should be, all is well.

A guide to the zany, sweet adventure that is this project.


Shorts are emergent story fragments from this universe and one's just next door. New short movies, elements for the feature script, sparkling treasures slid into SciFi podcast slush piles?

Timeline immediately supports accounting archaeology and later documentation of Dan's journey from accidental wizard to decisive divinity.

Working Exposition is the detailed story and backstory of DOG for the collaborative tribe.

Queue The most amazing explorations I can imagine right now, including all the enabling gear to go full on, prepped for ideal orchestration.

Aggregations active and proposed

Financial is the profit potential, including fundraising, budget, investors, tax status, revenue, grants

Legal in preparation for distribution, including chain of title, fair use, contracts

Production how the project is actually made and completed, work flow and canny creative choices for a wrap within the 21 century


Promotion the target audience discovers the project across the universe

studio tour (live or live action) 2013/09/30/open-studio/

Distribution the project finds it's target audience across the universe. Ideas about festivals, test screenings and unprecedented schemes are clearly documented.

Transformation (Me)  the director becomes Dan Kelly by making the project





Protocols are for hooking up the ancient history. Not sure what in search of is.

technical development

[1] Today is December 3, in honor of Alias's December 3rd events that Chris Carden used to invite me to, this is a significant revision to this page, sliding everything into the obvious and easy.