The opinions and narratives offered on this podcast are not necessarily my own. At least, not quite yet. They may never be my own. I reserve the right to test drive iconoclastic perspectives and paradigms so as to evaluate their usefulness. This podcast is my creative wind tunnel. Note that btw, usefulness - utility, pragmatica, efficaciousness. That's in stark contrast to truth which is usually what folks want their words to be about. I used to want my beliefs to reflect reality with a high degree of fidelity.

Keep in mind we're making a movie here. Fiction is supposed to be an entertaining and occassionally even educational, lie.

I like truth a lot, but it's a bit slippery these days. Maybe always has been. Seems to me that we can create the truth, whether by intrigue or pure manifestation. So one of the concepts I am test flying today is that I prefer useful ideas over accurate ideas.

Now here's a bit of established science, call it truth if you prefer. Immunity acquired by natural infection is better than anything yet devised by humans, including these new fangled mRNA vaccines. Between 10-20 times better than the vaccines depending on what evidence-based opinion you listen to. mRNA vaccines may actually be killing more people than they save in the short term, forget about a year or two from now when the unknown side effects start showing up. This is a top down control exploit that gets folks to deny their experience for the dictates of authority. Those who have enthusiastically embraced these vaccines are often the folks with advanced degrees and positions of responsibility. My questions is, why would the Clique want to terminate their most reliable slaves?