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Whoa. Ok, so not Clique and yet the boxes are yours to command, which implies that you have root on the Mediatronic Ubiquity. Hmm. Aside from the extra-dimensional tourists, and I know pretty much all of those, who else could wield such power... This is fun!

"...root on the mediatronic ubiquity... boxes are yours to command" as tree with puppet master fingers as branches stringed to boxes that hang down in the roots as how mushrooms/rhizomes  connect the forest and communicate. More could be done to add to the branches and foliage of the tree so as to look more alive and less ominous.

"Hmmm... who else" as quandary emoji

"And I know pretty much all of those," (extra-dimensional tourists) conveyed as a Rolodex directory with insignia of different takes on 'infinity symbol' - one where an eye emerges > could flip through rolodex as animation by just changing the image/text on the ID card.

"who else could wield such power" as He-man (I have the power! or By the power of Gray Skull!)

  • playing around with infinity loop turned perpendicular, I noticed the possibility of incorporating a question mark symbol. Could be fun for use elsewhere.