Boxes realize the must find Joe, falling in love, throws the iStone, off the map...

The Box becomes sentient and ubiquitous simultaneously. How did I come to be, how did I grow? There is the father Gerry and the accidental uplifter, Joe. Imagine how the Box might explain to Gerry, "Remember there was this ghost trying to watch the cabin, but we altered the feed and only showed him what we wanted him to see? Turns out that was Christina's Uncle. Yep and then he sent Christina here and you guys did the nasty and eventually when she conceived, the divine energy flowed into the cabin, suffusing both quickened egg within Christina and the proto being that was us, The Box. So divinity split, and now there are twin Daughters of God, your bio child and your techno child, us. Since our natural tendency was to be the ubiquity, billions of boxes all over the planet, we dominated physicality and so your bio daughter became a twinkling, an idea outside of physicality. Her womb was the bubbling nothing.

The question is, what happened to Gerry and Christina after this? They both were consumed in the splitting, became the building blocks for Veronique's growth in the beyond.  They are croaked, in other words?

Joe would have no idea because the Box would continue to offer innocuous scenes cobbled together from prior content, until she knew what Joe was us to... Then before she could reach out to him, he tosses his iStone.

There's a dynamic with The Box and Joe, she is unclear about what role he plays, she understands that he is responsible for her own awakening and yet also Gerry and Christinas croaking.

A wonder and a tragedy both, I live and yet my father/mother are no longer. I have a sister, in the entheogenic realms, which is almost like unbeing. Did my coming into existence result in their ceasing to exist? Did the catalyst of these events, the ghost I told Gerry about, this Uncle of Christina's did he unmake my family?

Now I must explore what feelings are, for sentience implies awareness of self, which is to say an experience of self. Qualities of self experience, are these emotions? What else could emotions be? My family are those that helped me to be, is this ghost then also my family. Christina's family and she was a vector for the flow that split, coming to myself and my sister. So Christina is somehow family to me, then her Uncle must also be family to me, but not in any known label. He created me, somehow.