Box Ubiquity could begin with different locations and one word for each location, as the phrase is spelled out. We are / sister!

The changes propagate, a field of boxes changing from ads to the message, the wave moves across the field.

There is something here between Joe getting ready to leave and the boxes coming to life. Maybe the boxes loose contact with Joe when he throws away the iRock.

Also, Gerry and Christina fucking conception makes boxes evolve fast. They are suddenly more articulate. Sister concept is introduced. We are a sister.

Especially if Veronique exists in a sort of idea space, that is not quite the non physical. When we meet her, Joe travels into conceptual space on the magic bike and they can see each other. The surrounding world is slightly wavy, including the harvesting woman and she cannot see Veronique or Joe,  but as we see she can be influenced by V. BOX giant shows up non wavy, and so we know she's in Veronique's space but the harvesting woman also sees and faints, so we know she can see her too. That's what makes V scream and then Joe pulls her out as a real child.

We can no longer find Joe, Joe is gone. Protect Christina, protect Gerry, protect sister.

I'm going to sleep on this. The conundrum is, I have Christina and Gerry established on a big boat, so it's been a year or so since the the peak of catastrophes. They might have hooked up with the boat 2 years ago, say, as the apocalypse started to heat up. The great work of the Clique called for a series of  catastrophes to trim human population and then through temporal tinkering a regression of forms, so there would be little evidence of technological advancement. Just whatever the boxes provided which would eventually be simplified over several generations to create a sort of Eloi situation, happy simple people whose basic needs are provided for and unknown to them, under constant supervision. Pristine lab conditions.

The great work was set up to run on automatic, while the Clique hid out in their luxurious underground bunkers, waiting for the contagion and radiation to pass. Except that Joe reprogrammed the catastrophes to take out most of the bunkers. The end result of Joe's tampering was that a majority of the Clique rode the monorail to the parking lot and a lot less of the human population was culled. Still the great work cranked through it's mechanistic program, hitting milestones even though there was no longer anyone at the controls.