Joe Traveling Motif


Traveling to meet The Box

Scenes shot list

  • dunes sunny
  • bog bounce cu
  • another forest with lots of downed trees
  • retrieving the sunken row boat
  • approach camera
  • depart camera

Traveling to meet Veronique

  • discover XR-650 stashed in plain sight
  • Johnny when you get back, follow us to the sanctuary. We'll be waiting. Love, mom!
  • methane hydrate tank and gas connector
  • ride on fields
  • abandoned roads
  • two tracks


The traveling motif is Joe riding bicycle(s). He rides away from the Hideout. This might be the beginning of his travels, or bicycling may have already been established.

This echos the close-up of Christina popping bubbles, two forms of Cathar magic. Joe unrolls time, Christina collapses quantum wave functions. We could establish these two modalities early on, and then riff on them, back and forth, to build the world.

For now, both Christina and Joe are recalling the future, after the people are established with an oral history, the People's Poetry Slam. This is how the people remember, Joe's strategy for keeping the Clique from (again) weaponizing the built in forgetery of dualism. The people are looking back on the coming of the Daughter girl, how she came. On the crazy ways of the before time, when everyone was mixed up. The re-memories are a comic look back, which makes the teachings sink in deep.

Joe is going to pass on, spread the oral histories. Because as a cosmic insomniac, (formally the Clique) he is deliberately deathless and can hang around after the Apocalypse, inoculating the people against future Clique, guide the various clans as a wandering monk decades later. He's not Uncle Joe from the stories in his future wanderings, he's some other iteration of himself, as he was Melchior for Christina when he visits her. That's why Joe shows up in the fur, like a big bear. That's the future, him looking back.

That's why he could be in a bathtub. He's apart from the apocalypse, immune to deprivations - fundamentally because of his Clique perspective but also because of his Clique resources, which flow from perspective. He's working out the oral history that he will pass on to them, that's why he repeats. On the road, others take over, eventually. He starts  off the poems and then others pick them up, this hand off represents Joe offering and the people learning. A troubadour.

Like with Lena, we hear him first, his voice and then she's trying to remember what he taught her. Eventually, all the people are trying to remember what he taught them.

Ok, so there's the travel and why Joe is speaking these words. In iteration 2, we add in the scenes with the people learning. Joe has to do Arborealists for iteration 1, so we get the connection.

Hint to Christina

Joe on the road 1/2 - Bicycle from far away, ruined city in background, or godzilla skeleton... The audio of Gerry and Christina's conversation is coming out of the iRock. Bicycle wheel POV, snow. Frozen lake. "Look., we just have to."

Joe on the road 2/2

He stops, get's off bike. Sticks his shoe under a tree branch and pulls it toward him.

00065H+00076S for departure from tunnel, accelerating away from farthest shot, some nasty apoco comes into the frame up in the hills as the road rolls away. Perhaps the start of Apocalyptic Chadash because now it makes sense to travel, HE is traveling...